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Endorsing Fair Trade in aid of the Skilled Artisans of India

Avashyaa strives to bring you a unique collection of art and craft products that are the perfect amalgamation of traditionalism with contemporary choices. The expertise and creativity latent in the poverty-stricken artisans from the remote and rural areas of India are unparalleled. We at Avashyaa aim to present a global platform to those artisans by featuring their art translated into a range of fashionable products, suitable for every taste.

Avashyaa caters to the picturesque needs of art lovers. We here are blending vintage themes with modern tastes. The gifted humble hands which are at zenith in their craft entangle with the philosophy of unique artifacts and timely apted inclinations.

An attempt to be a interlocutor between a non fading smile on the faces of art cravers and sustainable future of the modest mean craft makers. The immortal art pieces are relaxative and adds aroma to your home or office, etc.Having a avashyaa piece in your proximity is in fact-art justified. A sunny promising journey for the creator,creation & the admirers.Justified business on the humanity principles.